Health & Safety
tree surveys
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The health & safety of a tree should always be a concern.

Let's make sure that your trees are ok.

Planting schemes
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Do you know where to plant a tree, it's ideal soil conditions or even how to plant them? 

AirSpade investigations
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Do you know where tree roots are? We use this tool to prove it, so a foundation can be built around them.

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Have a plot of land that you want to build on?

Lets see how many houses will fit.

Tree inventory
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How many oaks do you own? Are they in good condition?
Do you have a sustainable crop of tree stock?

Foundation consultancy near trees
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After using the airspade, we can help with finding the right solution to building near the trees.

reports to BS 5837
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If there are trees within influencing distance of a proposed development, you best have one of these

Pre-purchase tree condition surveys
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Often mortgage companies will want to know the condition of the trees on the property you are buying.

Woodland management plan
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It is important, that to improve and prolong a woodland that it is correctly managed.


Organising not your forte?

Sit back and relax, we've got you covered.

With one of our packages, you could be surprised at how much you save. 

By combining services such as a health and safety tree survey with our management service, there is no need to worry about the quality of the work. We ensure the tree surgery company used will have all the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out the job properly.

Tree Preservation Orders

Are there any tree preservation orders (TPO) on your site? Let us take care of the application for the tree work, we can ensure that all the information the local authority requires is present and correct, giving you the best chance for a successful application.

Planning a development

We can carry out an arboricultural development tree survey to B.S.5837:2012 and, if any investigative works such as an Air Spade is required or any advice about building foundations near trees, we can take care of this in one simple package. Leaving you to choose the colour of the curtains for your new living room.

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