planting scheme

Planting schemes

There are four main reasons to commission a tree planting scheme:

  • A development will be taking place and trees will need to be removed for the development to be built and these will need replacing. This is often a condition of planning approval.

  • Trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are to be removed due to health and safety defects in the trees and replacements must be sought.

  • A garden is being landscaped and trees are required as part of the design scheme.

  • A woodland management scheme is required and, as a woodland is a crop, if trees are felled then replacements must be sought.

At SMW (Tree) Consultancy Ltd we can advise you on what species of tree will suit the soil type and topography of your site.

planting scheme

We can recommend good sources of quality tree stock (or we can source them for you).

Our tree planting schemes will show you where the to plant the trees based on topography, soil type, light tolerance, tree species, the height of tree stock, and their potential growth.

We will tell you how many trees you need and how far apart they should be planted. 

All the information in an easy to read format.

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