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Ash Dieback Disease

Diseases in trees

Ash dieback disease, as the name suggests, affects Ash trees. It is a fungus which was first scientifically classified in 2006. It is characterised by leaf loss, crown dieback and bark legions.


Once an Ash tree is infected then it is usually fatal, either because of Ash Dieback Disease directly or indirectly, by allowing other pathogens to infect the tree through the legions caused by Ash Dieback.

However, some Ash species appear to be more tolerant to the disease. Research has found that British Ash trees appear to be able to tolerate or resist the infection, which has devistated up to 90% of Ash trees in Europe. Efforts are now being made into studying the British Ash genome with the hope of hybridising it with the European Ash trees to create a more resistant breed of Ash tree.

Conversely, British Ash trees are more susceptible to another problem - the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, which is devastating Ash trees in north America and Russia but originally came from Asia. More information on this can be found here.

We do not currently know to what extent Ash Dieback Disease will have in Britain but it should be taken as a serious issue.

This does not mean that you should contact a tree surgeon straight away, there may be some life left in your Ash tree yet. It is best to contact us and ask for a health & safety tree survey. We would be happy to help.

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