Arboricultural development reports to B.S.5827:2012 - Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction

Development Reports

To B.S.5837:2012

When the concept of developing an area, whether that be a house extension or a new housing estate, little thought is often given to the trees that influence the area. It is considered that any tree, regardless of its protected status, that is within influencing distance of a potential development should be included within an arboricultural development report and this is vastly becoming local authority planning policy.

The British standard B.S.5837:2012 - Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction that all arboricultural consultants must follow when carrying out these reports recommends that measures should be taken to ensure that trees are appropriately and successfully protected whilst the development takes place. This does not mean that trees cannot be removed to permit the development, the removal just needs to be justified...and that's where we come in.


We often contacted for our development report service because of an architects recommendation of our services. 

If a development tree report is not submitted with your planning application, and there are trees within influencing distance, then your planning application maybe delayed and without such reports, any application is unlikely to be processed or could be refused by the planning department of your local authority.

All of our surveys are created using the latest in survey generating software and data caption devices making it quicker for you to receive your survey and making it easier to understand.

Our development tree reports are fully compliant to B.S.5837:2012. They fully meet the submission criteria of all planning authorities, they are precise and contain easy to read but detailed information.

Tree protection fencing

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So what's the process?

pre-design meeting

Sometimes, in sensitive cases, it is necessary to arrange a pre-design meeting with ourselves, the architect and the client.

During this meeting necessary steps can be made towards the design concept and how it will interact with the trees.

pre-development report

By using the information gained from the pre-design meeting, a pre-development report can then be actioned.

More information on this can be found on our pre-development reports page.

Getting ready for the planning application

This is the point where an Arboricultural development report to B.S.5837:2012 is required. At this stage we will make a site visit and collect the required data that will be fully compliant with what the local authority will require. We can then use this data to create a Tree Survey Plan (TSP) and a Tree Protection Plan (TPP), along with an Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) this is what makes up our development tree reports.


Using mapping software we are usually able to give you a quote using your house name/number, your postcode and a copy of your architects plans on what you are planning to do.


Following planning approval, tree protection measures should be set up in accordance to the Tree Protection Plan (TPP). We can be on site to advise the best construction method of the fencing and its position. The Arboricultural development report to B.S.5837:2012 must be present on site at all times and its contents be made aware of to all site personnel.

During the construction phase SMW (Tree) Consultancy Ltd can provide support in the following areas:

  • Overseeing operations in sensitive areas and provide onsite advice.

  • Organise and manage tree surgery contractor quotes and on site works.

  • Liaise with Local authorities, clients and agents.

  • Public consultation in relation to tree issues.

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