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Mortgage tree survey

You are looking to buy a new house, you've spent months whittling down the options and you've finally found the one that is just perfect for you. Now to get the mortgage sorted...

"The mortgage company are asking for a tree survey, they won't lend us the money without it!"

Mortgage lenders ask for a mortgage tree survey because they want to make sure that any trees on the property are in a healthy condition. They want to know their potential risk, the implications posed by the trees and reassurance that the property is insurable before investing.

You need to be aware that just because a tree is blocking sun light from coming into your living room, doesn't mean that it is acceptable to remove the tree. You need to be sure that you can live in harmony with trees because they've been there longer than you have!

We offer a survey that not only complies with your lender's requirements but also a detailed assessment of the tree's health and safety, giving you peace of mind.

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