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Tree are of vital importance, for both the environment, as well as our well-being. 

Surrey tree consultant based in Camberley. Our tree surveys will help you decide whether that house extension you've always dreamed of is viable, or whether that tree at the bottom of your garden that's always looked a bit unhealthy is actually ok.

There are several health & safety tree survey methods that achieve different levels of detail. Walk through tree surveys are the most basic and allow for identifying only the most hazardous of trees. Group surveys split the survey area into sections and generalising the condition and resulting works. Our most detailed survey analyses each tree, giving a break down on its structure, condition and life expectancy. We use this information to then determine what, if any, work is required to improve the tree or group of trees. Visit our health & safety tree surveys page for more information.

Our arboricultural development reports to BS5837:2012 - Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction, are designed to overcome difficulties in the design phase of a construction project, when trees are within influencing distance of a proposed development. Our reports balance the need to protect the trees with the desire to help you achieve your building alterations.

We have several other services we offer from tree inventory surveys to tree planting schemes. Please see our services page for a full breakdown of what we can do for you, and if you can't see what you want, then contact us.

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